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The Walther Cup, hosted by the Trust will offer some of the best prizes available for an air rifle match in the USA! With the winner receiving a brand new Walther LG500 itec Air Rifle, 2nd place $1500 and 3rd place $500.

The main event will take place on Saturday, November 18th, and will be a 60 shot air rifle match, with decimal scoring. The top 8 will advance to an ISSF style final, with scores starting from zero, and the placings in the final determining the results. The match is open to everyone and registration on a first come first served basis.

Sunday, November 19th will be an additional 60 shot air rifle match, which can be entered along with the main event for a small additional fee. This will again be a 60 shot decimal match, but with no prizes or finals, allowing those to travel home after their match.

First Place

Brand new Walther LG500 itec Air Rifle. Electronic or mechanical trigger option.

Second Place

The second-place finisher with take home $1,500 in cash.

Third Place

The third-place finisher with take home $500 in cash.

Fourth-Eighth Place

Fourth to eighth-place finishers will select from the prize table. Exceptions to Amateurism Rule Exception for Prize Money Based on Performance—Sports Other Than Tennis
In sports other than tennis, an individual may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an athletics event. Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the event. The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the individual (e.g., coach’s fees or expenses, family member’s expenses).

12.02.3 Calculation of Actual and Necessary Expenses—Individual Sports
In individual sports, the calculation of an individual’s actual and necessary expenses shall be based on expenses incurred during each calendar year (January—December), rather than on an event-by-event basis.

About Walther

Carl Walther GmbH was founded in 1886 in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia. Today the company Carl Walther makes high-quality sporting rifles and pistols, amongst other products, which are used by some of the top Olympic competitors within ISSF competition.

In 1993 the company was acquired by the UMAREX Group, which is based in Arnsberg, Germany. Carl Walther manufactures most of its rifles and pistols in the factory which it established in 2005 in Ulm, and it has its headquarters together with its parent company Umarex in Arnsberg. A U.S. subsidiary, Walther Arms, was founded in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 2013.


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